Debre Amin Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is a Church devoted to developing holiness consciousness. We believe that worship is something that can be expressed in everything we do, whether that be nourishing our bodies with food, chatting with friends, playing music, or enjoying nature. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook. Whatever your age, gender or race, there is a special place for you at our Church. We offer members a chance to become part of something greater, to grow their love for God and one another in our beautiful community. Get in touch today or swing by for a visit.


The Debre Amin Abune Teklehaimanot Church was established 1998 European Calendar by a few devout Christians. What’s astonishing was their willingness to do so by forming a church council even when they didn’t have a priest.


In 2001 with the grace of All Mighty God, blessed the Church with a clergyman. This time credit to the Egyptian Coptic Church in Perth, our Church was able to use their Church and its resources for two years. Before that, we have been using St Aloysius Church in Shenton Park, Subiaco.

In 2003 with the determination of the parishioners a 3700m² land was bought, customised and were able to have our Church.


In 2005 our Church blessed by His Holiness Abune Paulos, Patriarch of Ethiopia, Ichege of the See of St Teklehaimanot, Archbishop of Axum and president of the world council of churches, continued its services. ​The Church implemented the Holy Tablet and the procession, which Archbishop Abune Yosef held.

Issues within the Church, however, began to arise. The land capacity of the Church was only 3700 m², providing insufficient parking space. The Church placed in an area surrounded by factories, loud train noises nearby. Additionally, the dangers of the highway adjacent to the Church made it the Church Council had to look for a bigger and better property.


Nevertheless, in 2013 after many ups and downs and massive effort, a 33400 m² land was purchased and approved by the Holy Synods. The land consisted of a villa with six bedrooms and three large halls. The Church has additional parking space with a long driveway and 110 parking bays. The Church is now completely furnished and decorated, fulfilling all the Church requirements.


The Church aims to equip the parishioners with Holy books to enable them to strengthen their faith.